Birds of Ireland: Facts, Folklore & History, by Glynn Anderson

Birds of Ireland: Facts, Folklore & History, by Glynn Anderson.

Published by The Collins Press, Cork, Ireland, September 2008.

ISBN 1905172729

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Birds of Ireland: Facts, Folklore & History, by Glynn Anderson

“A beautiful new Irish bird-book…a rich celebration of the interplay of birds with ancient human needs for magic and mystery, not to mention a well-shaped story or poem… In a manifest labour of love, Dubliner Glynn Anderson fits his antiquarian research into a matrix of modern knowledge about birds…and the exalting bonus of this treasurable hardback is its superb use of lithographs by John Gould, England's 19th-century answer to America's Audubon.”

Michael Viney, Irish Times

“Sparkling... Highly entertaining... lavishly presented. This hard-backed, generously illustrated book reflects considerable research... The folklore is a delight.” Joe Kennedy, Irish Independent

“The whole book is a testament to the author’s and publisher’s dedication to excellence. Get it!” Walking World Ireland

“An in-depth look at human interaction with wild, domesticated and extinct birds”
Sylvia Thompson, Irish Times

“This attractive book of Irish birds…can be dipped into again and again to provide entertainment for anyone with even a passing interest in Irish birds or Irish folklore” Clare County Library

“Informative, entertaining & beautiful: a real gem review

“This beautiful new book on the facts, folklore and history of Irish birds, is by one-time IT consultant, Glynn Anderson, now a guide at the National Botanic Gardens. Gorgeously illustrated, it covers names, culinary uses (apparently puffins taste like anchovies!) and much more. Perfect for the bird watcher in your life this Christmas. Author and publisher can take a bow.”

Science @ Culture Bulletin

There’s more to Irish bird folklore than the ‘wran’ boys and the Children of Lir. Irish bird names are rich and full of meaning. This book focuses on our interaction with birds, covering mythology and folklore, birds as omens, harbingers and food, and bird-related beliefs, proverbs and curses. A species-by-species account gives a description and associated beliefs, culinary traditions, place names and a ‘Facts & Figures’ section.

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